Latest News

The festival season is well underway and I will be exhibiting at 'The Zone of Tone' guitar symposium at the Orana School, here in Canberra, Sunday 5th November '06. The following week-end we are off to the Major's Creek festival, (www.musicatthecreek.com) 11th & 12th November '06. The week-end after that I will heading down the highway to Harriettville Victoria, Thursday 16th November through to Sunday 19th November. I will have three resonator guitars, two dreadnaught guitars and one OM size guitar to display. Hope to see you there!

Instruments currently in the works are:

  • An all Blackwood back, top and side Resonator in beautiful curly grain - deep body. 
  • One dreadnaught six string with a wider fingerboard for a pair of rather large hands also in curly Blackwood. 
  • One dreadnaught six string in Rosewood, black binding and abalone inlay. 
  • Two F5 mandolins in Curly Maple. This is a personal project because, like the resonators, I have always been intrigued by them and need to satisfy the itch. 
  • One OM size six string in Rosewood. 

I have just completed one Telecaster electric guitar for my son which has turned out to be a great success.


"I have played some of John's Resonator Guitars, and no one makes them any better. I've played Dobro's from here to Tennessee, North Carolina, and Adelaide...John's are right up there at the top!!"

- Mike Kirkley -